Family Care Associates Website Portfolio Screenshot
Family Care Associates Website Portfolio Screenshot
Family Care Associates Website Portfolio Screenshot

Web Design

Family Care Associates

Jan 23, 2024


Designed and created a stunning website redesign.

The Client

Family Care Associates is a local physician-owned medical clinic in Effingham, IL. Their mission is to deliver exceptional healthcare to the community, fostering wellness and promoting a holistic approach to family health. With a commitment to respect and dignity, they provide personalized, comprehensive, and collaborative care, ensuring the well-being of every individual and family they serve.

The Challenge

Family Care Associates was in need of a website redesign. Their old website was severly outdated and did not accomplish the goals that they wanted their website to achieve. They only used their website to host a little bit of information about the business, to house forms that their customers could download, and to link to their patient portal. They wanted the new website to compliment their new logo & brand design, while also expanding the site to give more information about who they are, their authority in the space, and more about their services.

My Approach

Since they had just gotten a new brand identity, I wanted to make sure that all of the elements within the website complimented that identity as much as possible. We initially started the process nailing down a sitemap that explained what pages and sections we would include in the website. I then had them start to work on the content, while I got into the design. After the home page mockup was approved, I moved onto the rest of the pages. I kept user-friendliness and content-centered design at the forefront for this project, because their visitors would be coming from all stages of life. Once the design was completed, we got it approved and I moved onto the SEO. After all revisions, the site was published!

The Results

Family Care Associates recieved a well-needed redesign that their patients now love. The new site complimented their new brand, and expanded on the services they now offer. The team at FCA love the new site!


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