Web Design

Fireplace Nashville

Mar 15, 2023


Designed and created a stunning website design.

The Client

Fireplace Nashville is an evangelistic outreach ministry located in Nashville, TN. They exist to reach Nashville with the Gospel of Jesus by equipping believers toward radical obedience in evangelism.

The Challenge

I was tasked with designing their new website. The website needed to communicate the dates and times of their next event, while also communicating what Fireplace is and a way to sign up.

My Approach

The first step of the process was to brainstorm the ideal user-experience journey would be. We decided that the main purpose of the site should be to communicate what they are, and to have users sign up. From there, I used the logo they gave me and built out the structure for the site. Then, I designed the elements of the site to match the new brand guidelines from the logo. We then discussed the addition of extra sections on the page to link to a new event sign-up, and worked through the copy for those sections. Once the content was plugged in, the site was pretty much finished, so I sent it out for the first revisions. After making the revisions and getting the OK from the client, I worked on the SEO and domain settings, and it was published!

The Results

The client loves the site! Their new members now have an easy, and simplified way to sign-up for Fireplace and to view when the next event is.


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