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My Trucker Hat

Nov 4, 2022


Created a stunning brand and website.

The Client

My Trucker Hat was a startup e-commerce business started by Noah Brandenburger and myself. My Trucker Hat sold fun, creative hats for special occasions. The idea started when Noah realized that he had a different hat for almost every outdoor activity. When he would mow the lawn, he would wear his "Mowin' Hat". Thus, My Trucker Hat was born.

The Challenge

Noah had already designed and bought stock of the hats, but needed a marketing partner to get the online sales going. The business was mainly to sell through e-commerce, and then eventually move stock into gas stations, retail stores, gift shops, etc. as well. So, I was tasked with designing a strong logo and brand that would appeal to the target customer, and to implement that brand into an online storefront website. Then post-launch, I would take over marketing to bring traffic and generate sales. I also was given one of every hat design to do some product photography as well.

My Approach

First, I needed to thin out who our target audience would be, so that my work would be able to best meet their needs. Once that audience was identified I started to begin the logo design process. Once that was approved, I got everything set up with Shopify and started to implement all of the products, and design the look and feel of the site. Once the content was plugged in, the site was pretty much finished, so I sent it out for the first revisions. After making the revisions and getting the OK from the client, I worked on the SEO and domain settings, and it was published! During the process, I took some product photos in different locations to be able to use in ads. After the launch, I also was in charge of marketing, so I began to put together ads to run on socials and made a couple content marketing on Tiktok.

The Results

Sadly, My Trucker Hat was not a success, but that doesn't mean it was a failure. Because I was partnered in this business during my first semester in college, after the launch of the website, I got too busy to be able to handle the whole load of marketing. So I stepped down from the company. The idea dwindled, so sales were not the best. I learned a lot throughout this process, and it stretched me in areas I lacked in such as product photography, content marketing on Tiktok, and e-commerce. From this project I can confidentially say that I am now well-versed in those areas I lacked and was glad I got the experience! ‍ The website is still up to view below with links in the header to socials with all the product photography and content:


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