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Nov 15, 2023


RepBoost is a new sub-business I launched aimed at helping local businesses generate, capture, and share their online reviews. I needed to create the brand's logo identity, website, backend delivery, and run advertisements too.

The Client

RepBoost is the world's first done-for-you reputation management platform, designed to put your business' review requests on autopilot. Started by yours truly.

The Challenge

There's many big dog reputation management softwares out there, so the challenge was communicating to potential clients how RepBoost has a competitive advantage over those other platforms. Most business owners don't have time or care to learn a new software, only to have to manaully send a review request after each customer they service. RepBoost automates the entire process for them, allowing business owners to focus on what matters most. Because of this unique challenge, RepBoost's own brand and visual identity had to give off trust to business owners.

My Approach

I first started with designing the logo icon. I wanted something that communicated that we help get reviews for businesses, but also how that can boost a businesses online credibility, SEO, and more. So, the idea of having a star with a rocket icon hidden within the negative space came to mind. The rocket symbolizes the incredible boost businesses can recieve by working with RepBoost. After that I moved onto finding the perfect font that was unique, but also established. Then, the web design process begun. I went straight to the build and skipped the wireframe stage to allow more creative flow-on-the-go. After finshing all the pages, and adding the custom image elements, forms, and interactions, the site was finished and ready to launch!

The Results

RepBoost now has a beautiful, unique brand identity, and a stunning website to back it up!


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