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Tim's Quality Tires

Jun 7, 2024


Developed a comprehensive website for Tim's Quality Tires, showcasing their services and enhancing their online presence.

The Client

Tim's Quality Tires is a family-owned tire service provider in Effingham, IL, offering mobile tire services, including installation, repair, and emergency assistance.

The Challenge

Tim's Quality Tires needed a complete website overhaul to better represent their wide range of services, attract new customers, and streamline information for existing clients. The challenge was to create a user-friendly, SEO-optimized site that clearly communicated their offerings and facilitated customer engagement.

My Approach

I started by analyzing their existing online presence and identifying key areas for improvement. The new website was designed with a clean, modern aesthetic, ensuring easy navigation and a mobile-friendly layout. Each service, including emergency tire replacement, scheduled installation, and wholesale options, was given a dedicated page with detailed information. SEO best practices were implemented throughout the site, with optimized title tags and meta descriptions for all pages. Additionally, a prominent banner was added to highlight their acceptance of all national accounts, enhancing credibility and attracting more business.

The Results

The new website significantly improved Tim's Quality Tires' online visibility and user engagement. The clear, detailed service pages and SEO optimizations led to a noticeable increase in web traffic and customer inquiries. The addition of the national accounts banner helped secure more business from large fleets and commercial clients. Overall, the client was extremely satisfied with the new site, which effectively supports their business growth and enhances their professional image online.


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