Web Design

YB Next

May 10, 2022


Designed and created a stunning website redesign.

The Client

YBNext is a networking group of young business professionals aimed to prepare and assist in the shaping of the next group of Effingham County’s leaders. YBNext’s mission is to develop and connect future leaders.

The Challenge

I was tasked with redesigning the old website. It lacked communication of what the community was and new members were not coming in. The client asked me to help simplify the user experience and communicate their business more effectively.

My Approach

The first step of the process was to create a wireframe outline of the sections on the site. After that we picked the perfect fit for a template. Then I began to build the wireframe in Webflow. Once that was done, I received the content and began to plug it in. Once the content was plugged in, the site was pretty much finished, so I sent it out for the first revisions. After making the revisions and getting the OK from the client, I worked on the SEO and domain settings, and it was published!

The Results

YBNext received a much-needed website redesign, and has used it to get more members! Sadly, YBNext does not run anymore, so their website has been taken down.


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